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    March 5, 2014
    2:00 - 3:01am PST  

and i don't know. maybe because of the unselfish life that david -- career that david's committed to the people of texas? maybe the lord said, well, i'm going to give him a break. breaking news overnight. high-stakes talk to end the tense, tense armed standoff in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry meeting with officials from russia and ukraine. is there a way out of this impasse? we'll bring you live team coverage on the very latest. dramatic testimony kauflg an olympic hero to break down in tears. the details of his girlfriend's death who hard to hear. happening right now, the blade runner back in court on trial for murder. we're live with who's on the witness stand at this moment.
the deep freeze, it is ending. temperatures this morning finally on their way back up. but it's not all good news. there's another snowstorm brewing. indra petersons is tracking the very latest for us. >> good morning, i'm john berman. >> it's 5 a.m. in the east. there's a lot going on around the world. let's begin in ukraine where tensions in the east and west are escalating this morning with little sign of a resolution. the secretary of state john kerry sitting down with his ukrainian counterpart. later today, we'll talk with russia's foern minister. now vladimir putin insists those armed men around crimea military installations aren't soldiers but local militia members he has no control over. drawing scoffs from the u.s. and others. anna cornyn is live in crimea. joins us live on the phone.
anna, what's happening on the ground right now where you are. >> reporter: well, christine, we are standing outside of the government building in crimea which is the capitol of the peninsula. i can tell looking at the building right now, it's the russian flag flying. the uckrainian flag has been taken away. the city is staunchly pro-russian. we had a woman in the square how much she despises it. there are strong cultural tice between crimea and russia. obviously, you see ties to the soviet union when it was given to ukraine. and then when the soviet union broke up in 1991, it was mainly ukraine. an autonomous state within ukraine, but now the new prime minister who is also pro-russia,
he's now calling a referendum to decide whether crimea breaking away altogether from ukraine, with independence. and if that happens it's a foregone conclusion that crimea will become part of russia. >> and the heart of these tensions between the u.s., europe and russia. anna coren, thank you so much. as for the russians, vladimir putin not showing any signs of backing down. the russians turned aside a formal investigation for international talks today. this is aing vladimir putin remains steadfast. phil blackwell is in russia. phil, i understand there's a tough stance on sanctions? >> reporter: yeah, john, that's right. you've got the foreign minister meeting with some european officials today maintaining a
safe position. the russians are under attack, we reserve the right to help them out militarily. here in moscow, members of the upper house, the senate are coming up with legislation on how to respond if the european union and the united states follow through with their threats. and the draft law, as it stands, according to russian state media would allow the russian government to confiscate property, assets accounts from american and european companies. it sounds extreme but this is how russia responds when it believes its sovereignty is under threat. russian officials like to talk about an asymmetrical response. in 2012, the u.s. congress passed an act dined to punish sanction people accused of abusing rights in russia. russia outright said that the u.s. is meddling and responded with a law that banned american families from adopting russian
orphans. there were many cases where the process had begun, melt the children and never allowed to take them home. if the west follows through with its threats, you can absolutely expect something like that from russia, john. >> phil, one of the in vogue terms in diplomacy is "off ramp." what it means is gives the russians a chance to deescalate and get off the path they're currently on in crimea. president obama has been talking with angela merkel, they've been talking about an off-ramp that might get russia to pull back its troops in crimea. can you give me a sense of that right now and any chance that president vladimir putin would agree to it? >> well, the key is sending in observers that can determine whether or not vladimir putin's concerns about threats to ethnic russians are real. whether or not there are gangs threatening ethnic russians
would determine action. today, we heard from the russian foreign minister who said it's not a question for russia to decide. it's not russian territory. it is up to the ukrainian people and the relative authorities whether in kiev or in crimea to decide whether or not they want to invoke foreign powers on to their soil to observe this. so that would seem to put something of a significant obstacle, a road block, if you like in the way of this proposed diplomatic offering, john. >> a lot of diplomatic legalistic language games being played with armed men staring each other in the face right now in crimea. phil black, thanks very much. this morning, calling the president's proposed budget irresponsible and dead on arrival. the $4 trillion budget calls for increased spending on education. it extend tax kits to lower-income americans including
expanding the earned income tax credit. house speaker john boehner is the one who called it irresponsible. remember, there whats not been a budget passed by congress since 2009. president obama heads to connecticut with his push to raise the minimum wage with central connecticut state university he'll be joined by four governors all in favor of increasing the minimum wage. >> if you like your health plan, you may be able to keep it a little longer. "the washington post" says the obama administration is rewriting affordable care act rules again to let americans keep their plans for up to three more years, even if those plans no longer comply with the law. last fall, the white house gave option of letting policy still be sold in the short term even if they were technically illegal. happening today, the house is set to vote for the 50th time on a modification to obamacare.
this would be push back the original mandate for one year and making that penalty zero. this is the first such vote since the law took effect january 1st. this is not likely to be taken up in the senate. also the question is will she or won't she testify? an attorney for lois lerner denies claims that shell open up today. learner resigned as irs director of tax organizations and took the fifth last year. edward snowden is on schedule for south by southwest. the nsa-turned leaker he will speak at the music and digital festival in austin next week. he won't be in austin. it will be a video conference from russia. organizers will talk about how to protect privacy. it has been very cold here in the east for days, weeks now, months now. the good news --
>> can't remember when it wasn't cold. >> spring may finally be in the air. indra petersons has a look at the forecast. i stopped counting the major storms. i just stopped. >> that's a very good idea. it's been such a horrible winter. look at the temperatures. indianapolis, 18, detroit, 18, remember yesterday we were talking about below zero temperatures at this time. yes, it looks good. here it looks even better. we're talking about temperatures going upward. 25 goes to 40s for chicago. definitely a lot better. columbus went from 30 to 50. that's above normal. that's the midwest. let's check the northeast. as you go towards the weekend, conditions could potentially go at normal or above normal. even normal is good at this point. keep in mind, even though temperatures are warmer, it doesn't mean we're not going to see changes. note sis in the southeast, there are a few days we go cool.
around sk sb, the reason for that, yes, we're going to have rain and maybe snow. from the cold air and above it, snow, and below it, we're going to talk about rain over the next several days. but like. we're not not talking anything major. the bulk of it offshore. whether or not it cruises up the coast and we see snow by thursday or friday that is what we're watching. this is good news. we're talking temperatures warming up. a little snow and rain moon cares about that, right? >> she's working hard to make us appreciate it. we're basically one head line away from violent market swings at any moment. let's be honest here, markets keeping a close eye in the ukraine. asian markets closing mixed. and hong kong, though, closed lower. investors in europe, they're looking over this information this morning, the data that growth in the eurozone picked up
faster than expected. eurozone's economy expanding not seen since 2011. all of this with the happening with russia. u.s. futures flat in the early going. look at yesterday. look at that close at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. >> wow. >> the largest gain for the year for the dow. record high for the s&p 500. the s&p 500, amid all of this tension, higher than it has ever been. four record highs so far. the five-year bull mark is still charging despite everything you're seeing from ukraine, russia, europe. but, remember, i can't say it enough, we are one headline away from violent swings one way or the other. you've been warned. >> volatility is the key word over the next few days. 11 minutes after the hour. higher costs could mean big changes at the restaurant chain chipotle. the company warned it could stop serving guacamole in some
sauces. chip pot the said its costs shot up thanks to the drought out west and freeze out west and other weather issues. the company says it may decide to stop serving items rather than pass on the costs. chipotle trice to be noun vative. >> file that under holy guacamole. >> i wouldn't you wouldn't have said that. >> happening now, emotional testimony inside the trifle an olympic hero accused of murdering his model girlfriend. witnesses claiming they've been threatened. they've been harassed. the blade runner breaking down in tears at one point. we are live as all of this drama unfolds. a high school cheerleader leaves home and then sues her parents for support. >> this story is so wild. >> should they be forced to pay her college tuition? a judge now weighing in. we'll tell you the story next. br that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup.
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up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. happening right now, the murder trial of olympic blade runner oskar eriksson. a neighbor is back on the stand talking about the screams he heard the night reeva steenkamp was killed and how he's been threatened. nic robertson is there.
give us a sense for what he says. >> reporter: his phone number was read out in court tuesday. that number has started ringing. he's closed the phone off. but he received a message that i picked up later from the phone saying what are you doing, man, edge knows that oscar is innocent. he's taking that as intimidation. today, the defense attorney gave hints on timing. he said to this witness you call security at 3:13 a.m., and that call lasted 58 seconds. then you got to your balcony to continue to witness what was happening at 3:17. oskar eriksson at 3 in the 19:50, you get the idea how precise the timings are becoming now, called for help after he had broken the door down. so what the defense is saying now to this witness. you didn't hear gunshots, you heard oskar eriksson breaking
down the bathroom door with a cricket bat when he realized that reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend was shot or wounded inside. and we've had testimony from the fourth witness taking the stand, a professional boxer, friend of oskar eriksson, looked up to him because he was helping him with his diet for his training. talking about how they were in a restaurant just over a year ago. oskar eriksson passed a pistol under the table. he was told there was a bullet in it. the bullet discharged, hit the floor. oscar asking a friend to take the blame for that. this is one of the counts that it does appear here that the prosecution wanting to build something about oskar eriksson' character. a huge number of details. >> nic robertson, thanks for being there. appreciate it. blaking overnight, a deadly shooting in new orleans, just as mardi gras festivities were
coming to an end, police say two men, a 25 and 28-year-old were killed in a parking lot not far from mardi gras world where a rap concert had just ended. police aren't disclosing if they have yet a suspect. in new jersey dozens of people are hopeful they might be able to get back into their homes after a terrible explosion at a townhouse complex from trenton. crews had been trying to repair a damaged gas line when it ignited, sending a huge blast through the community. >> just a loud, loud explosion. felt -- i was pushed back from the pressure of it. >> like a bomb hit the whole area. i could see nothing but fire. homes were blown out. windows were blown out. >> some of those heard that and said to be thrown from the explosion. literally thrown. also in new jersey, a family court battle a step closer to
being over. now that the judge has ruled the parents of rachel canning don't owe her child support or money to pay her high school tuition bills. canning is the 18-year-old who claims her parents were abusive and kicked her out as soon as she became a legal adult. the parents say is she was spoiled, wouldn't follow their rules and she left the house willingly. the judge said letting canning get money now sets a dangerous precedent. >> are we going to condone or open the gates for a 12 to sue for an xbox? a 13-year-old to sue for an iphone? everyone else has one. how about a 15-year-old asking for a 60-inch flat tv? >> a follow up hearing is set for april when the judge will decide if canning's parents will pay her college tuition. they say they have money set aside for her. they just want their daughter to come home. you can see how emotional it has
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christine romans is the mvp. she is the tax lady. guys, we've got about 20 games left in the nba regular season. and i'll say that lebron is winning the sprint. he's really turned it on as of late in the last few weeks. but kevin durant is winning the marathon. he's put together a solid season. again last night against the sixers the guy put up great numbers. he scored 42 points and he didn't even play in the fourth quarter. so far this season, durant has scored over 40 points in ten games. you compare that against lebron. lebron has scored over 40 points, twice this season. but of course, one of those was a very big one, 61 points on monday night. last night, lebron james came back down to earth. he only scored 22 points. and he didn't make a basket in the fourth quarter which really hurt the heat. it was a game that many believe could have been an nba finals preview. the houston rockets beat the
heat by 3. last night, syracuse lost again at home. this time to a bad georgia tech team. syracuse was on top of the rowland, unbeaten. they've lost four of the last five as the slide continues. overnight, michigan may have lost two players to the nba and preseason all-american to injury. but they still managed to win the big ten regular season title outright. it's the program's first outright conference title since 1996. reminder, guys, the ncaa tournament officially starts in 13 days. also happening, the u.s. men's soccer team play ukraine at 2:00 p.m. eastern. the match was moved from ukraine to cyprus earlier in the week. >> and those players on the american team say they do understand there will be a lot going on in the minds of ukrainian players across the
pitch. joe, thanks so much. >> thank you. we do have breaking news overnight. big move from high-stakes diplomacy to stop war from breaking out in ukraine. we have live team coverage. all of that, plus top headlines right after the break. who drom [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything. cisco. tomorrow starts here. there's a lot of fruits and drinks that have acids in them that you might not know about. salad dressings, raspberries, strawberries... they all have acid in them, and it's working at your enamel. once the enamel is gone, it's gone. you can't get it back. i would recommend using pronamel as your regular toothpaste.
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breaking news this morning. around-the-clock diplomatic discussions to hold off war in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry working overtime to broker a deal. will it work? live team coverage on the very latest right now. welcome back to "early start."
i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. at this moment, we're no closer to a solution. however, armed men still surrounding military installations in crimea are men that russian president vladimir putin insists are not russian soldiers. they're local militia men that he claims he can't control. right now secretary of state john kerry is in paris meeting with the ukrainian counterpart. he will speak with russia's foreign. that will be the deevent as all of this as many worry about what might come next. our michael holmes is live in kiev this morning? michael, what are you hearing on the ground there? what's the ukrainian government saying. over the past days we've heard talk from the american president and the russian president. where do the ukrainians fit into
this right now? >> reporter: yeah, there seems to be a lot of talking going on, john and not a lot of resolution. here in independence square, the barricades as you can see are still up. there are people in there, those protesters at the center of everything days ago when the violence took place. they say they're not going anywhere until elections which are planned for may take place. they don't trust the system themselves. but the parliament's about a kilometer, less than a mile away from here. and they are meeting today to try to discuss what they can do to help the soldiers, ukrainian soldiers east of the country. crimea in particular. no resolution on that at the moment. european ministers are talking with each other. there are going to be foreign ministers here in kiev to talk to the local government, interim government, here. there's an awful lot of talking. talk of sanctions, visa restrictions, freezing of
assets. and at the moment militarily, nothing is happening, but the people here in independence square say they're not going anywhere. it's kind of an odd vibe here at the moment. there are prayers regulars. the national anthem is sung almost every hour. and there's people just sort of wandering around. just sort of taking it all in, if you like. it's somber, but there's very little anger at the moment. everybody seems to be waiting for the next move. and there's no clarity at the moment what that movement might be. >> precarious calm as it were, with troops facing off, staring each other literally in crimea. and in paris, john kerry meeting with the russian foreign minister. thanks so much. meanwhile, vladimir putin does not appear to be giving any ground. turning down an invitation to take part in international talks in paris. putin insists he has every right
to intervene in ukraine. phil black is in moscow with that part of the story. phil, what are the russians saying this morning? >> reporter: they're going to talk today, christine, about how russia will respond in the event that the west, united states and europe carries through with their threat of economic sanctions. the upper house of russian parliament, effectively, the russian senate is working on with the russian government can seize property from american and european-based companies based here in the event that sanctions are leveled against russia. it sounds extreme. there are a number of big american companies based here over the last few years as the country has transitioned from communism to capitalism. this is what russia talks about when it talks about an asymmetrical response. it doesn't like when other countries are trying to interfere with or attack its
sovereignty. the most recent example we can liken it to 2012 when they passed the act. the russian response was to to ban american families from adopting russian children. a lot of american families had started that process and never got to take them home. coming at a completely different angle. that's the sort of response it sees you can expect in the event that the west follows through with the threat of economic sanctions. >> but to go against multinational companies or companies based in the u.s., or business leaders based in the u.s., that is a different response, and certainly would be difficult for russian markets and world markets. let me ask you this, german chancellor angela merkel spoke with president obama proposing russia pull back its troops. we've been hearing this diplomatic phrase, how they can try to allow a path for putin to sort of get off of this current
trajectory. is there any chance that putin will take that deal? >> reporter: a couple of key difficulties in any negotiations, how do you negotiate with a leader who says his troops aren't even in the ground in crimea which remains the russian president's position. the key to the off-ramp suggestion is sending in national observers to determine if putin's concerns about russians being under attack are genuine. today, the russian foreign minister sergy lavrov said they're not and it should be determined if they want to invite international powers in to determine exactly what's going on. so from that line, it seems pretty clear. the russians are definitely setting up near legalistic obstacle to that potential off-ramp. >> phil black, thank you for that. also, new this morning, north korea's defending last week's missile test.
primarily because of its per suit of long-range missiles and nuclear weapons, the strategic assessment insists the u.s. will continue to work with south korea and our allies and defend against provocations. president obama's budget proposal not getting a lot of positive reviews from republicans, not surprising they say. the nearly $4 trillion budget is dead on arrival. the budget calls for increasing spending on education and extending tax cuts to lower income americans. house speaker john boehner calls it irresponsible. >> happening today, president obama heads to connecticut for a speech on raising the minimum wage. the president going to be joined at central connecticut state university by four governor who support raising the minimum wage. then headed to boston for a private fund-raiser. we all know it's cold, but you want a reminder of just how
cold it is that will knock your socks off? take a look at this. that's niagara falls frozen almost solid for the second time this winter. >> wow. >> it's beautiful, but freezing. indra petersons is here with the forecast. hopefully, we won't see that again for a long, long time. >> on that note, let's talk about these temperatures. we actually have good news. the temperatures are going to be warming up. indianapolis, 13. chicago, 19. boston about 25. so things are improving. and take a look. here are your highs over the next several days. more importantly as you go closer to the weekend, right? midwest, temperatures are climbing to about average. not the only spot. same thing, 30s in boston going above that, 1 degree, we're going to take 43 in boston. and looking good. keep in mind, there's the jet stream rising a little bit. remember, it's cold boston jet
stream and to the south a little showers. higher in the northeast tonight. and towards the gulf, we're talking light rain with temperatures warmer. and in the southeast, we'll see it go down a little bit. the reason for that, there say low out there. and this is the guy we watch to see whether or not it climbs up the coastline and maybe a chance for snow towards the weekend. tiny guy. nothing to worry about yet. >> indra petersons thank you so much. markets this hour on pins and needles. at any moment, one violent swing away. asian markets closing mixed. u.s. futures flat right now. i'd say there's a negative tone overall. all anyone is talking about is that rally. one head line put it this way, putin blinks, stocks surge. the dow's 228-point gain. the best of the year. the s&p 500 made history yesterday. it has never been this high. remember, just monday we saw world markets tank on the ukraine/russia crisis. this morning, we now have france
threatening sanctions on russia. the politics are volatile. so will be the markets. >> but what's really interesting the market saw putin blinking. >> that's what the markets saw. the diplomacy of it, putin digging in, markets said, look, this was a tense standoff. this wasn't him rolling in with tanks in crimea and escalating the crisis. that's the way the markets read it. it's 41 minutes after the hour. new jersey governor chris christie caught in the middle of a political scandal. of course, so many questions. the fbi investigating. but are these accusations hurting his standing with new jersey voters? we have new numbers just released this morning coming up next. ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today...and tomorrow.
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this is from a new poll that shows 1 in 5 think the governor should resign. even the majority of democrats say that the governor should not leave his job. over half those surveyed say they expect the governor did know something about what his advisers were up to. hillary clinton with the survey find more think of first lady than they did when she ran for the white house. 56% describe her as honest. that's up significantly since 2008 when she was running for president. 36% think she's hard to like. back in 2008, 53% of those called her unlikable. >> and barack obama saying you're likable enough, hillary. george bush is close to
being lake-effected. h.j. bush the nephew of george w. bush. p., as he's called in the family has won the republican primary to run for texas land commissioner. that is a stepping-stone to higher office in texas. senator john cornyn also won the primary beating steve carson. carson peeked sessions with the challenger as well. a lot of the people watching the texas election to seat strength in the tea party. let's take a look at "new day." kate bolduan joins us. >> good morning, you guys. we're, of course, going to continue to cover the breaking developments from the ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet with his russia counterpart just hours from now. what will happen in that meeting, what's that going to be like? that's going to be a critical moment that we're going to need to track. also, you remember putin's news conference yesterday. of course you do.
well, we're going to really break it down. separating fact from fiction. plus, we're talking live with anderson cooper who continues to be on the ground for us in kiev this morning. we're going to get his take what it looks like on the ground. then, we've got this wild story. an unbelievable case, a teenager suing her parents for tuition and expenses after she says that they kicked her out. well, a judge has weighed in ruling against the teenager for now. but they're back in court next month. so this case is far from over. what does this mean for parents everywhere? >> yeah. precedence being set here. a lot of discussion to be had around that case. kate, thanks so much. a dramatic water rescue. a minivan being driven into the ocean. look at this. being carried tout sea. inside that minivan, isn't the water, three small children trapped. intense new video for you. that's next. ♪
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breaking overnight a deadly shooting in new orleans just as mardi gras festivities were coming to an end. police say two men, a 25 and 28-year-old were killed in a parking lot not far from mardi gras world. that's an event space where a rap concert had just taken place. no motive disclosed yet. police aren't disclosing if they have a suspect. developing, investigators in florida trying to figure out what caused a pregnant woman to drive into the ocean in her minivan with three young children inside. the ages of those children, 3, 9 and 10. this was all playing out on daytona beach. witnesses say good samaritans, look at that, trying to help but they couldn't because the van kept moving. >> the kids were hollering help us. when they got up to the car and
started opening the door. she immediately went farther, deeper in the ocean, then when she got so that she was facing the ocean and the waves were coming stronger, i saw her bail right out the window. and the kids were still in the car. >> this morning, the woman is in the hospital. she's said to undergo a mental evaluation. we can report to you that her children are said to be okay. amazing video from kentucky where a classic -- this hurts my heart to look at that car. a classic 1952 corvette recovered from that sinkhole at the corvette museum. cruise used cranes to lift this corvette from a sinkhole that opened up last month. this is the third beauty to be taken out of the hole. five more are still in there but they cannot be removed until engineers are ready to reinforce the building. now, this corvette will go display in its damaged condition until april, and then it will be sent off for repair. wow. coming up, are you guilty of
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all right. it's "money time." the ukraine and russia crisis, it's fluid. moaned was sell, sell, sell. the ukraine crisis escalated. yesterday, record highs just turned on a dime. right now, futures are flat. suggesting a flat open for stocks this morning. european markets are open. look at france with a threat of possible sanctions on russia, asian market closed mixed. that's a swing. remember that radio shack super bowl ad the nostalgic ad on a company in the '80s? remember you saw it? it was a pretty good spot. radio shack is closing 1100 low-performing stores. that's 20% of its stores. it makes sense. the electronics retailer has
5200 locations. compare that to walmart which has only 3700 stores. another story to till about shares of gunmaker smith & wesson soaring in after hours trading up 8%. sales up 7%. fueled by a 30% jump in hand sunny sales. the school shooting in newtown, connecticut had some concern. recently smith & wesson rival sturm ruger said sales will come down a bit. if you fly united, keep a very close eye on the size of your carry-on bags. united cracking down on oversized luggage you brought on board. you know who you are, people. even sending some people back to the counter to track the bag and pay the fee. a lot of people trying to stuff everything on carry-ons. the planes are stuffed, too, right? so there's not enough carry-on
space for everyone. united said their goal is to free up space in overhead bins so everyone can get their one appropriately sized carry-on on board. "new day" starts right now. there is a strong belief that russian's action is violating international law. >> john kerry set to square off this morning. moving to suz u.s. assets in russia if they're sanctioned. breaking overnight, the dramatic rescue caught on tape. a mother drives her van into the ocean with her three children inside. we're going to hear from the bystanders this morning. >> happening now, what made oscar pistorius cover his ears at trial. the prosecution is laying out critical parts of its case, but
the defense has a strategy of its own. your "new day" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "new day." you see we have breaking news. it's wednesday, march 5th, 6:00 in the east. growing fears that russian president vladimir putin is plotting to escalate the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry set to meet in paris just hours from now. they are meeting there for talks to try to end the crisis. putin is talking of expanding his military operation in crimea. the russian president says there are no russian soldiers in ukraine. heis